VIV Europe already great succes

After two days VIV Europe is a great succes already, lots of visitors travelled to Utrecht the see the latest innovations in animal husbandry & processing.

At VIV Europe Vencomatic Group presents a number of products amongst others:
- Grando Nest; a spacious nest for modern breeders;
- Ovograder; a grader for hatching and table eggs;
- Veranda Breeder; a multi-tier group housing system for layer and broiler breeders;
- Clima+ design; for effective climate control;
- X-treck; a unique concept that enables on-farm hatching in traditional broiler houses;
- Q-Perch; a new way of controlling red mite and many more.

Especially the new X-Treck and Q-Perch draw a lot of positive attention.