National Poultry Training Centre Launched at 9.7 million Birr






Dawed Ibrahim, co-coordinator of the institute, Ernst Beitler, lecturer and consultant of poultry science and animal feed Gebreegziabher Geberyohannes, state minster for livestock, Genene Tesfaye general manager of Hawassa poultry production center (left to right) visiting the new poultry technologies.

The National Poultry Training Centre, which will operate under the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR), was officially launched on June 9, 2015 in Bishoftu, Debre Zeit. Its establishment cost the government four million Birr while equipment worth 250,000 Euros was contributed by the Dutch government and Holland-Africa Poultry Partners (HAPP). HAPP is a partnership of companies, NGOs and knowledge institutes from the Netherlands with an interest in the international poultry market, with an emphasis on Ethiopia. The centre has 35 trainers, including some from the Netherlands. The plan is to train 16,000 people annually as well as to deliver 3.2 million chickens to small and medium poultry enterprises in five years’ time, including egg layers and broilers.

Various types of equipment from the Netherlands have been installed at the centre, which will be the demonstration farm for the HAPP. Included among them are housing and feeding equipment by Vencomatic Group & VDL Agrotech, solar energy equipment by Alius Energy, and hatchery equipment by PAS Reform.