Rondeel builds in the city

Since Saturday 15th of April, the Micro Rondeel The Hague can be visited!
In collaboration with the local authorities and the Hague entrepreneur Hans Leneman, a small-scale Rondeel has been realized at Valutapad in The Hague. Here the principles of the Rondeel are shown. Together with Hans Leneman we aim at creating, with the Micro Rondeel, awareness at citizens about food production and what is going on in the agro sector.

Hans Leneman
Born and raised in the Noordoostpolder and by birth known with livestock farming, he moved after his education in Wageningen (Livestock, Economics), to The Hague, where he has formulated advices for 20 years, with regard to food, nature and the environment from an agricultural economic point of view, in the Netherlands. After that, Hans implemented business practices to make food production more transparent to townspeople.

"With transparency alone you can hardly make a decent living, and that's why I've contacted Rondeel. With this Micro Rondeel, I want to realize a vital company that shows how to produce eggs in a modern and sound way, and that fits The Hague as the city: Hague's Eggs. "- Hans Leneman